BenzGroup prides itself in bringing a world of experience to your technology needs.

We want you to find peace of mind in the solutions and technology available today, so that you may be as productive and creative as your imagination allows.

While emerging technology and DIY approaches are often flooding social media, it’s important to remember that ‘your results may vary.’ In particular, if you are looking to replicate a DIY one-off solution you’ve seen that is not in production, it may not be quite as simple to build let alone integrate into any legacy technology your using.

BenzGroup values opensource initiatives and supports ethical white hat cooperative hacking, DIY innovators, and maker groupies and their contributions of their innovations to the marketplace. With that said, we still believe that there is a firm position in the market for the established and tenured industry technology leaders. Many of these brands have worked hard throughout their history and have paved the way for this complex and fascinating techno-driven world we live, work, and play in.

Our products are sourced directly through manufacturer authorized distributors and a tightly monitored supply chain. Our distribution partners have warehouses throughout the continental United States, which often allows us to expedite the delivery of products to your desired location or office.

Our Technology Partners

BenzGroup is an official authorized reseller for the following brands




HPE (HP Enterprise),

and HP refurbished

MSI Systems

Zyxel Networks

BenzGroup is currently in the process of becoming an authorized reseller for the following brands


Cisco Meraki


Supply Chain

BenzGroup will only provide manufacturer authorized products for sale and takes pride in our diversified and manufacturer authorized supply chain and distribution partners.




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Dun & Bradstreet Registered
Dun & Bradstreet registered.
DUNS 117397580

Dun & Bradstreet registered.

DUNS No. 117397580